T50 - the new treatment target for patients with chronic kidney disease


Calcification Blood Test adds great diagnostic value

Today's routine blood tests measure calcification-promoting and -inhibiting factors one by one. Interactions between these factors or the influence of unmeasured factors on calcification are not considered.

As a consequence, currently available diagnostic information is incomplete, and may even be misleading.

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Our Calcification Blood test functionally integrates inhibitors and promoters, and thus provides a single result which reflects the overall calcification balance in blood.

This largely improves the assessment of calcification risk, supports the meaningful interpretation of other blood tests, and provides a novel and rational basis for the personalisation of therapies.

Test Principle

Blood delays the formation of calcified particles. We enrich blood samples with calcium and phosphate and then measure the time to formation of secondary calciprotein particles (CPP).

CALCISCON's Calcification Blood Test was invented as "T50-Test" by Pasch et al. in 2012.