T50 - the new treatment target for patients with chronic kidney disease


Availability of the Calcification Blood Test

The following clinical laboratories measure the Calcification Blood Test in you patient's blood sample: 


  • Zentrallabor of University Hospital Bern, Inselspital (order form)
  • Labor Risch (website)

Further countries and laboratories are in preparation. 

Handling of blood samples

Blood tubes: use standard serum (not plasma!) blood tubes, gel-containing, 5 mL

Preanalytics: clotting and centrifugation according to manufacturers' instructions (commonly 30 min clotting in upright position, centrifugation 2500xG, 10 min at room temperature, or alike).

Shipment: at ambient temperature (4-37°C) for under 24 hours, in a padded envelope, ideally by courier over night, at 4°C (2-8°C) if longer than 24 hours.

For further information please contact


+41 32 530 88 60